CAPSELLA Acceleration Programme

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  • 10

    September 2017

    Application Deadline
  • 23

    September 2017

    Warm-up event
  • 6-7

    October 2017

    Innovation Contest
  • 1

    December 2017

    3-Month Bootcamp
  • 17

    March 2018

    Business Plan Competition
  • 1

    April 2018

    3-Month Incubation


The CAPSELLA Acceleration Programme is addressed to students, PhD researchers, young scientists, agriculturists, developers, programmers, designers, engineers, finance experts, communication experts, marketeers, business women/men, farmers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs-to-be etc., as well as new technology enthusiasts, those excited by the development of innovative tools, solutions, applications, processes and new business models and those willing to participate in sustainable agri-food development. The Programme is open to all people older than 18 years, with any level of education and from any scientific/professional field without any restrictions.

The CAPSELLA co-creation process is also open to all related European Innovation partnerships, NGOs, other CAPS projects, Citizen Observatories and maker projects, that are invited to become part of the CAPSELLA community.

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How to participate

Participation requests can be submitted only through the following link. Only participation requests submitted within the given submission period will be considered valid. No participation request will be accepted after the submission deadline. After the successful submission of a valid participation request you will receive a confirmation of receipt via email.

Selection process

Evaluation criteria for the CAPSELLA Innovation Contest winners selection are only the relevance of the idea with the agri-food sector the Innovativeness of the idea, the aptitude for commercial exploitation, team completeness and complementarity, maturity level of the idea to be converted into an application, product service, platform, method or process.

Thematic Areas

The CAPSELLA Acceleration Programme is dedicated to Ecological/ Biodiversity based/ Organic agriculture. For the Innovation Contest participants are free to choose from the CAPSELLA cutting edge challenges to compete.

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Capsella has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688813