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The CAPSELLA Acceleration Programme facilitates the co-creation of disruptive and breakthrough solutions, business ideas and opportunities for supporting innovative, diversity-based, quality and health- centred food systems in Europe.

We strengthen the ongoing transitions to agroecological, biodiversity based and organic practices and systems by opening up the innovation cycle and bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to co-create tomorrow’s products and services, in the sustainable agriculture sector that is continuously growing despite the harsh economic environment.

A bottom up approach is followed for the development of data driven solutions that will contribute to a greener and fair future with efficiency and transparency in the ecological, biodiversity based, organic agriculture sector.

The creation process will be fueled by the support of relevant communities.These will be encouraged to generate and make sense of data, fostering informed decision making and solutions that assist farmers in improving their production and competitiveness. Open data solutions generated by CAPSELLA aim to empower policy makers in implementing strategies for meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UNFCCC Paris Agreement while opening up the discussion on open data in agriculture and decision making.

The CAPSELLA Acceleration Programme aims to promote innovation for diversity-based food systems in European agriculture, supporting the development of innovative solutions and applications that utilize agriculture-related big data, solutions that create new tools for farmers and propose new business models for land data governance. It is a programme designed to facilitate Open Innovation in the agrifood sector, to create new technologies, applications, platforms, and processes that will allow the upgrade of tools and methods that are implemented nowadays in the ecological, biodiversity based, organic agriculture sector. This actively contributes to the provision of improved services and experiences to the CAPSELLA stakeholders and communities, and to all Europeancitizens interested in sustainably produced, tasty and nutritiousfood (#AgriTech #Agri-food Technology).

The Acceleration Phases

Call For Participants

Do you have an exceptional technical talent, a strong scientific or business background and an obsession to build a start-up? Apply today to win a place in the CAPSELLA Acceleration journey!

Responding to an open call participants will be granted a ticket to the CAPSELLA Acceleration journey based on their talent and obsession to build a startup.

Warm Up Event

A warm-up event will be organised to facilitate participants’ networking, team creation and information provision, to initiate the preparation for the Innovation Contest.

Get ready! Build your team to prepare yourself for the CAPSELLA Innovation Contest! 

Teams with complementary skills and backgrounds, compete to prove their capacity and execution capability by providing the most innovative solutions to the challenges of the CAPSELLA Innovation Contest.


It is time to get the real work started! Training will be your way to success!

The selected individuals will go through a three month period of unconditional free training to support them to turn their initial concept into a start-up. The aim of this phase is not only to provide the participants with the needed educational background in order to innovate in the agri-food sector and succeed as entrepreneurs, but also facilitate their interaction giving participants the chance to play, create, learn, to mentor and invent, thus preparing them in the best possible way for the business plan competition.

Planning your way to the real world? Time to present it!

Graduates of the CAPSELLA Training Bootcamp will compete in the Business Plan Competition to win a ticket to the CAPSELLA Incubation

Congratulations! You have made it to the final phase of the CAPSELLA Acceleration Programme. Now you‘ re are going to get prepared for take -off! 

The winning team of the business plan competition will be offered during this phase a fully-fledged 3-months incubation with further mentoring and training, customized to match with the background, strategy, implementation plan and the real needs of the team.
The CAPSELLA Accelerator Programme is a complete innovation journey that will excite and reward those who will participate in it.

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Capsella has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688813